Carpet Cleaning

Looking to get your carpets looking like new? Between the dog and the kids spilling popcorn after family movie night the average carpet contains over 15 lbs of dirt and debris. On average a carpet will last 10 years but when you regularly clean your carpet you can keep looking brand new for over 15 years. Other than your carpet not looking its best, there are also health issues that can range from simple coughing and runny noses to cold-like symptoms, asthma attacks and adverse allergic reactions. A study conducted by Kuopio Regional Institute of Occupational Health identifies volatile compounds found in filthy carpets as a definitive cause of asthma for people who don’t have the disease yet.

We have both the experience and chemicals to deal with any type of Debris, Stains ,Dirt, Dust, Dust mites and other allergens.. We will properly remove all debris and leave your house looking better then when you first installed the carpet.